2019 tracks

Each year we give the spotlight to different topics that represent the recent trends and interest areas of our startup ecosystem. Our this year's full programme is live now and new events will be added until 25th of October.


Generation Green

The future is built on sustainability! This track brings together the green revolution in the startup world and beyond. We expect not only green tech startups to gather but feature everyone with a sustainable goal in mind. Whether you are working in the field of a circular economy, clean tech, green or blue tech or other similar fields, join our ranks of generation green.

All Generation Green events are marked green in the programme. Obviously!

Tech Almighty

From techies to techies! This track is focused on the skills that are necessary for most startups. The events organised under this track can be CTO and dev talks, masterclasses and workshops of cybersecurity, IoT, fintech, and beyond. We give the floor to technical talents to share their skills.

All Tech Almighty events are marked red in the programme. Just because we liked the colour.

Future Founders

The track is focusing on events aimed to educate, empower our next generation and discuss innovation, trends in education sector. The events listed on this track can include hackathons/pitching events for children/youth/startups, various EdTech events, and workshops/trainings for children/youth.

All Future Founders events are marked yellow in the programme. Just because the future is bright.

Community Connections

Meetups, meetups, meetups! Of course, every festival needs some time for networking and dare we say, it is the secret glue that brings Estonian startup community together. Let’s keep this up by organising networking nights, fireside chats, and after hour sessions.

All Community Connections events are marked white in the programme. Tabula rasa - creating new connections is like starting a new painting.